Take a Treasure Hunt Through The Inner Planets !

  • Using the questions and the links on this page, conduct a treasure hunt to find the anwers!

  • The class will be divided up into small groups and first to finish with the correct answers will win a prise !

  • There will also be lesser prizes for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & etc. place!
  • The Inner Planets Treasure Hunt Questions

    Mercury treasure hunt

  • 1) What spacecraft visited Mercury in 1974?
  • 2) Why do scientists think mercury has a molten iron core?
  • 3) Astronomers compare Mercury to what other solar body?
  • 4) What substance is Mercury mostly composed of?
  • 5) Describe a day on Mercury from one Sunrise to the next sunrise.
  • 6) Describe the temperature on Mercury.
  • 7) Capture a picture of a bright rayed crater on Mercury.
  • 8) When can we see Mercury in the sky from earth?
  • 9) What does earth and Venus look like from Mercury
  • 10) What color is the daytime sky on mercury?
  • Inner Planets Treasure Hunt links

  • Mercury, Nine Planets Site

  • Mercury, NASA Photo Gallery


    Venus treasure hunt

  • 1) What orbiting spacecraft mapped Venus?
  • 2) Venus is an inferior Planet, what does this mean and how does it effect the way we see Venus?
  • 3) What makes Venus' spin on its axis unusual?
  • 4) In what three ways are Earth and Venus very similar?
  • 5) Why can't we see the surface of Venus with telescopes?
  • 6) Describe the air pressure on Venus' surface.
  • 7) Capture a picture of the Golubkina crater on Venus.
  • 8) Describe Venus' magnetic field
  • 9) What two names are used for Venus when seen from Earth?
  • 10) Describe Venus' brightness as seen from Earth.
  • Inner Planets Treasure Hunt links

  • Venus, Nine Planets Site

  • Venus, Jet Propulsion Lab

  • Venus, NASA Photo Gallery


    Earth treasure hunt

  • 1) Our Earth can be thought of as a 67,000 mile an hour what?
  • 2) The Earth's atmosphere is make of what two gases?
  • 3) What makes the Earth look blue from space?
  • 4) Describe the air pressure on Earth's surface. ?
  • 5) The satellite, Explorer 1 discovered what radiation zone?
  • 6) What is a dramatic visual phenomenon in Earth's atmosphere?
  • 7) Capture a picture of the USA from the NOAA-8 & 9 satellites.
  • 8) Capture a picture of Earth's moon.
  • 9) What is the Earth's mass in kg. ?
  • 10) Only Earth harbors this?
  • Inner Planets Treasure Hunt links

  • Earth, NASA EDU

  • Earth, Jet Propulsion Lab

  • Earth, NASA Photo Gallery


    Mars treasure hunt

  • 1) What was the first space craft to visited Mars in 1965?
  • 2) Describe plate tectonics on Mars.
  • 3) What effect does Mars' elliptical orbit have on its climate?
  • 4) What is the average temperature on Mars?
  • 5) Mars has the largest Mountain in the solar system which is?
  • 6) Describe Mars' atmosphere.
  • 7) Describe the Valles Marineris on Mars.
  • 8) Name and Describe Mars' two moons.
  • 9) Describe Mars' ice caps.
  • 10) What color is Mars?
  • Inner Planets Treasure Hunt links

  • Mars, Nine Planets Site

  • Mars, Jet Propulsion Lab

  • Mars, NASA Photo Gallery


    Additional interesting Inner Planets links

  • Nine Planets Site

  • Jet Propulsion Lab Site

  • NASA Photo Gallery Site

  • NASA Site

  • Mars-Watch.com

  • Mars Internet Mission

  • Views of the Solar System: Mars Introduction

  • Malin Space Science Systems Mars Image Release Directory

  • put aman on mars in the21st century

  • Mars Exoloration Programs

  • life on Mars?

  • LIFE ON MARS !FAS Space Policy Project

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